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  1. Oct 18
  2. Upstate Light the Night

    Light the Night is a walk to celebrate and memorialize those surviving blood cancers.
  1. Oct 19
  2. Worship Night Downtown

    Evening of music and key note speakers attendees for Fellowship Greenville Church
  3. Mountain View Bluegrass Band

    Bluegrass music in the Carolina Music Museum? You bet! Come comfortable and hear the Mountain View Bluegrass Band turn the museum upside down with some of the most popular music not only in the South but across the country. Come, tap your toes, clap your hands--well, after you put down your beer or wine! --and enjoy an evening of great music! Call 864-520-8807 for your tickets now. $15 Adults, $5 Students.
  1. Oct 20
  2. Read Up Greenville

    Young Adult Literature Book Festival. Speakers and book signings.
  1. Oct 21
  2. Origins Worship Service

    Origins Worship Service hosted by Origins Greenville.
  1. Oct 24
  2. Home Run for Healthy Kids

    Free event to Greenville County Students which focuses on children's lifestyles, safety, nutrition and physical activity
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