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Transit Oriented Economic Development

As part of the Connection for Sustainability grant, the City of Greenville conducted a feasibility study for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Transit Oriented Economic Development (TOeD).One purpose of this study was to determine areas within the city that may be suitable for transit oriented economic developments. Transit Oriented Economic Development recognizes that since stops are permanent, there is an opportunity for businesses, jobs, shops, offices, and homes to be built nearby. In addition to economic development at each stop, it is anticipated that jobs will be made more accessible by the presence of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route. Residents and visitors can also take advantage of the improved access created by BRT to other areas of Greenville for recreational purposes, like shopping and entertainment.

Design guidelines ensure that the type of development allowed at Transit Oriented Developments complements the existing character of the community, and fits with the long range plans for the City. To help the city develop guidelines for transit oriented development, we enlisted the help of Clarion in the development of TODs and the design guidelines needed to support them. In addition, Clarion will be looking at multifamily and non-residential design standards. It is important that the TOD zoning regulations be developed in tandem with the multifamily and non-residential design guidelines to ensure they are not in conflict with one another.
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