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Green Streets Grant: Urban Trees

Photo of parks director, city council member and TD bank president

City of Greenville Arbor Day Celebration; City Parks and Recreation Director, Dana Souza; City Council Member, Amy Ryberg Doyle; and market president of TD bank, David Lominack.

Education and Outreach

Trees are an incredibly important part of the urban environment. If we close our eyes and imagine Greenville without any trees, it would be a very different place. Trees provide us with many benefits, and are essential for a high quality of life. The education and outreach part of the Green Streets grant is dedicated to providing training and education for City staff and residents so that we can better care for and appreciate our wonderful urban trees.

TREEmendous Day in the City

The City hosted “It’s a TREEmendous day in the City,” a celebration of urban trees at the west side fall fair on Nov 2. The celebration kicked off the Hudson street tree planting with a demonstration on proper tree planting and care, educational information, children’s nature crafts, and more!

photo of Jaclin DuRant reading to children

Jaclin DuRant reads “A Tree!” to a
3rd grade class at A J Whittenberg
Elementary School

A Tree! Coloring Book

The children’s story and coloring book, “A Tree!,” written and illustrated by the Jaclin DuRant, was developed as part of the Green Streets grant project. “A Tree!” tells the story of William Mouse and Edmund Frog who learn the correct way to plant a tree in order to improve the quality of their neighborhood. Download a copy or attend Connections outreach events and pick up a print copy from the Livability Educator.

photo of print materials for the program

Greenville’s Greeners Streets and
other Livability Education programs

K-12 Educational Activities

The Livability Educator has developed a curriculum supplement with background information and activities related to trees that can be used as part of an informal or formal education program. Download Greenville’s Green Streets educational program.

Livability Educator, Jaclin DuRant, places educational signage with trees in Greenville’s west side.

Livability Educator, Jaclin DuRant, places
signs with trees in Greenville’s west side.

Educational Signage

Educational signage was placed around Greenville’s west side to inform residents of the value of urban trees. Individual trees were measured and identified. Using that information each tree’s impact on storm water runoff reduction, carbon storage, electricity savings, and property value was calculated and written on the signs. The signs, which look like giant price tags, were created through a partnership with Upstate Forever.

Photo of park staff person teaching a tree planting seminar.

City Parks Administrator Dale
Westermeier teaches a workshop
on tree planting and proper care.

And More...

The Green Streets Grant also provided funding for City staff to attend national and state conferences on trees to learn the most up to date information on tree care. City staff has planted 134 trees along South Hudson Street and surrounding areas in Greenville’s west side neighborhoods as part of the grant.