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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
The final park design was presented on September 17, 2013, 6:00 at the Kroc Center. The Seamon Whiteside consulting team presented the final draft of the City Park Plan for public review and comment. Community input, together with input from City Council and City Staff, and the availability of future funding opportunities, will help guide the potential future implementation of this plan going forward. This meeting provided an opportunity for people to ask questions about specific amenities and costs, as well as share thoughts about the design. It should be noted that the creation of a park in this area is still dependent on finding funding to relocate public works.
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013
photo of attendees at planning meeting City staff presented the Draft City Park Consensus Plan to West Side neighborhoods at Mountain View Baptist Church on June 4. Special thanks to Pastor Mills for allowing us to use his lovely, historic church. Both attendance and discussion were great, and a few local teens spoke up in support of the parkour and basketball amenities.

Area residents discussed the need for parking, noting it was important to have enough but not too much. The discussion revealed the many opportunities and constraints involved in planning a park. The increase in green space or open, vegetated park land was discussed as one way to help improve water quality and reduce the negative impacts of flooding along the Reedy River. The name of the park was discussed, with a consensus from the audience that the name Mayberry Park be utilized in some form at the park. The funding source needed to construct this potential park is still not known, but with the help of neighborhood residents and Mountain View Baptist Church, we are getting closer to having a strong plan of action in case the money does become available in the future.

Monday, May 6, 2013
The City Park design team presented a draft of the potential new park design. Attendees asked many great questions, and participated in a visual preference survey. The next meeting will occur later this Summer, and will include more detail, a phasing plan for implementing the park step by step, and images to help attendees visualize the park.
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Draft Consensus Plan
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Greenville Park Master Plan

Week-Long Charrette for Potential City Park

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The City is considering relocating Public Works operations to another site because the current facility is located within a flood zone. Periodic flooding of the Public Works facility disrupts the City’s ability to respond to flood emergencies and post-storm cleanup by rendering the facility unusable during flood events. The City also incurs additional expense to cleanup and repair damage to City facilities after each flood event.

“If the Public Works operational facilities are relocated to another site, the relocation may provide an opportunity to develop a public park and a safe place for the Reedy River to temporarily flood,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dana Souza. “The trees, shrubs, grass and open space with the park and the flood zone would easily tolerate the effects of a flood, and the open land would more closely reflect the natural function of a floodplain. In addition, the proposed location of the park would ideally connect west side residents to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and downtown Greenville.”

The City has not made any final decisions to relocate the Public Works operational facilities or to build a park on this property. The City has, however, received grant funding to plan for a park should there be a future opportunity to construct a park on the Public Works site.

Faciliated by Seamon Whiteside + Associates, the charrette will provide the community with the opportunity to generate discussion and collaborate on ideas for the potential park. The consultants will gather the information and use it to create several design visions.
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Below is the schedule of workshops open to the general public:

Thursday, February 21, 2013
The Connections for Sustainability team, including staff from the City's Parks and Recreation department, consultants from Seamon Whiteside, DP3, and Arnett Muldrow, kicked off the park planning process at a public meeting held February 21. They introduced the charrette process Saturday, February 23, at the Kroc Center.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013
Public Charrette and Work Session at the Kroc Center
The City Park Design Charrette on Saturday, February 23, was great fun! Almost 50 residents attended, and represented a diverse group of ages and neighborhoods. Images from Saturday’s meeting are available below.
View Saturday, Feb. 23 Charrette Presentation
View the Charrette Process in Pictures

Monday through Wednesday, February 25 -27, 2013
The Open Studio was held in the Fellowship Hall in the Tabernacle Baptist Church. The design team set up shop and worked to consolidate the designs and ideas generated at the Saturday charrette. While the designers worked on the drawings and designs, members of the community dropped by to catch up on the process and/or give the designers additional ideas and input. The list of drop-ins included nine classes of 2nd and 3rd graders from AJ Whittenberg and St. Anthony elementary schools. Each class drew their ideas for the park, and pictures of some of these drawings are included in the slideshow below. The Connections team would like to give a special Thank You to the team at Tabernacle Baptist Church; Thank you Dr. Davis, Joyce, and Gregory for your help in making the Open Studio a success!

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 6:00 at the Kroc Center.
Public Meeting and Drawing Exhibition
At this meeting the consultant team will share the drawings they’ve produced over the previous week, highlight the requests and comments they heard most often, and make sure they have documented everyone’s comments.
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