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A Tree!

A Tree book cover thumbnail image

A Tree! is a coloring book and children’s story that follows the adventures of a mouse, bird, and frog as they discover the benefits of planting a tree. Along the way, they learn about tree planting and teamwork.
Download your copy of A Tree.

Affordable Housing Study

The Affordable Housing Study (2014) picks up where the West Side comprehensive Plan (2013) leaves off with regards to affordable housing demand and availability on the West Side.
Download the Affordable Housing Study.


City Park Plan

image of park plan report cover

The City Park Plan (2013) explores what could happen if the Public Works facility across from AJ Whittenberg Elementary should ever relocate. Community-led design produced a park plan that respects local history while providing flexible greenspace for recreation.
Learn more about the Park Plan | Download the Park Plan

Clemson University’s Focus Team Report

aerial view of Greenville

The Focus Teams consisted of local residents, leaders, and business owners who worked with City staff and Clemson University graduate students in the City and Regional Planning department to develop key strategies and guiding principles to guide the West Side Comprehensive Plan. This document provides background information and examples of best practices and was a resource for the focus teams.
Download the Focus Team Report Note: File is 25 MB.

Community Engagement Plan

photo of participants sitting around a table

The Connections project worked systematically to engage residents, leaders and businesses in the decision making process. This document outlines the steps we took to form the various Steering Committees, Advisory Groups, and Focus Teams that guided each plan.
Download the Community Engagement Plan

Community Outreach Plan

ohoto of children playing on inflatables

The Connections project enjoyed an enthusiastic approach to engaging residents, leadership, and businesses of the community. This document tracks the development of the outreach strategy, and details some of the creative ideas we used to generate community interest and input.
Download the Community Outreach Plan

Community Quest

Community Quest report cover thumbnail

Community Quest offers lessons related to the social and built environment in a city. Lesson plans and background information specific to the City of Greenville engage students in exploring their community’s social and built infrastructure and empower them to become involved in shaping their community’s future.
Download the Community Quest Book


Development Review Process (2012)

photo of various plan documents

The first product of the Connections project is a report that takes a closer look at the way the City processes applications for new buildings and development. The report suggests ways of streamlining the process, many of which are now being implemented.
Download the Development Review Process Report

Discover Greenville, A Downtown Greenville Scavenger Hunt

Discover Greenville booklet cover image

A Downtown Greenville Scavenger Hunt is a place-based curriculum supplement specific to Greenville, SC and a fun game for young people and adults alike to play as they explore and learn about the history and people of Greenville through the City’s unique public art.
Download the Scavenger Hunt


Exploring Greenville’s Water

water report cover image

Exploring Greenville’s Water is designed to facilitate an exploration of water quality and greater understanding of the connections between land use and our water resources.
Download the Exploring Water Activity Book

Extended Market Study

market study report cover image

The Extended Market Study (2014) delves deeper into an issue raised in the West Side Comprehensive Plan by taking a closer look at economic development opportunity in the West Side. This analysis focuses in part on the possibility of attracting a grocery or healthy food retailer to the West Side.
Download the Extended Market Study


Falls Park Guide

Falls Park Guide thumbnail image

Activities in this booklet guide readers through a discovery of ecological and historical features located within Falls Park. The guide activities enrich the understanding of our most iconic park.
Download the Falls Park Guide


Green Craft Challenge

Green Challenge report cover thumbnail image

The Green Craft Challenge booklet highlights some of the most popular activities using recycled materials from the Livability Curriculum. These lessons were used to help students create gifts for family and friends, including some pet toys the students made and donated to the local animal shelter.
Download the Green Craft Challenge | View Video Tutorials

Greener Streets

Green Streets report thumbnail image

Greenville’s Greener Streets was developed as part of the Green Streets grant as a curriculum supplement that provides information and activities excerpted from the Urban Naturalist and Community Quest programs related to trees and their importance in the urban environment.
Download the Greener Streets Curriculum

The Great Pond Clean-Up

Great Pond Clean-Up report thumbnail image

This coloring book revisits the characters from A Tree! to see what the animals do when confronted with water pollution. Water quality and teamwork are emphasized in this illustrated story, created by our Livability Educator.
Download The Great Pond Clean-up


Housing Strategy

Housing report thumbnail image

This coloring book revisits the characters from A Tree! to see what the animals do when confronted with water pollution. Water quality and teamwork are emphasized in this illustrated story, created by our Livability Educator.
More information about Housing Strategy


Livability Curriculum

The Livability Curriculum consists of multiple guides, activity books, and coloring books designed by our Livability Educator to engage students of all ages with their local community.
Learn more about the Livability Curriculum

Live, Work, Play, Grow

Live, Work, Play, Grow report thumbnail image

This document provides a review of some of the events, programs, and documents that were developed as part of the Connections for Sustainability’s educational outreach program.
Download the Live, Work, Play, Grow Report


Neighborhood Vibrancy Task Force

Neighborhood Vibrancy Task Force report thumbnail image

The Neighborhood Vibrancy Task Force formed in Spring 2014 to discuss issues related to affordable housing, gentrification, and livability. This document follows the beginning of the Task Force and the formation of their plans for discussion.
Download the Neighborhood Vibrancy Task Force report


Transit Feasibility Study

Transit Feasibility Study report thumbnail image

The Transit Feasibility Study (2012) investigates the feasibility and potential to build and support a Bus Rapid Transit system. Discussion in the report covers alternatives, benefits, and projections of ridership and funding needed to support a system.
Download the Transit Feasibility Study Report | More Information about Transit Feasibility


Unification Document

Unification Document thumbnail image

The Unification Document reviews the Connections project and outputs as a whole, and explains the issues that were addressed, as well as how the project evolved to meet unforeseen demands and opportunities.
Download the Unification Document

Urban Naturalist

Urban Naturalist thumbnail image

The Urban Naturalist Program introduces students to the natural environment present in the city, and provides tools and background information to engage students’ contemplation of their connections to nature in an urban setting.
Download the Urban Naturalist Program book


the West Side brand logo

West Side Branding

A logo and vision statement for the West Side and its neighborhoods, including West End, Southernside, West Greenville, and Newtown.
Download West Side Branding Report

image from cover of West Side Comp Plan

West Side Comprehensive Plan

A community-led plan for improving the livability of the West Side, including an analysis of the demographics and economy. The report addresses two important issues: maintaining artists in residence in the Village of West Greenville, and attracting a grocery store to the west side.
Download West Side Comprehensive Plan | More information about West Side Comp Plan

image from cover of kid's guide to the West Side Comp Plan

West Side Comprehensive Plan Summary and Activity Booklet

This booklet provides a chapter by chapter summary of some of the main ideas and strategies suggested in the West Side Comprehensive Plan along with fun activities.
Download West Side Comprehensive Plan Summary and Activity Booklet

Archived Documents

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Preferred Sustainability Status

Discrimination Complaint Forms

The Federal Transportation Administration works to ensure recipients of FTA grant funding comply with federal civil rights requirements in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, please use the forms below to submit your complaint. Title VI Complaint Form
TITULO VI, Formulario de Quejas