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For most City boards and commissions, applicants must reside within the city limits of Greenville. Verify that you are a city resident.

Application Process

Applications are accepted throughout the year by the Office of the City Clerk. Applications are reviewed by City Council six to eight weeks prior to a term’s expiration date and as unexpected vacancies occur during the year. Applicant interviews may be scheduled with City Council members prior to appointment recommendations being made. Applications are maintained on file for two years from the date of the application and may be updated at any time by resubmitting a new application to the Office of the City Clerk.


Any member who, for reasons other than sickness or bona fide emergency, misses three consecutive regular meetings, or 30 percent of all meetings within a calendar year, shall be removed from the board or commission. The position shall be declared vacant by City Council, which shall fill the vacancy. Where good cause for the absences is shown, Council may, at its discretion, reappoint the removed member. (Code of Ordinances Section 2-233 (b)(6)(a))

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