How Can We Help?

Report a Missed Collection

There are a few reasons why your recycling, trash or yard waste may have been missed.

  • Special Holiday: During holiday weeks, collection could be delayed by one day depending on your pickup day. Check the holiday collection schedule.
  • Unaccepted Items: If items are in the recycling or trash carts that are not accepted by the city the waste will not be collected.
  • Cart was inaccessible:  Cart may have been too close to a stationary object (car, tree, another cart, pole, etc).
  • Cart was not out on time: Trash can be picked up anywhere between 7AM – 4PM.  Sometimes timing of pickup can change.  If your cart was not out on time, please call 864-467-4345 and we will attempt to pick up your cart by the end of the next business day.
  • Mixed piles of yard waste: Leaves/grass clippings must be separate from limbs/branches.  No rocks, bricks, mulch, soil, or root balls can be collected.

To report a missed garbage, recycling, or yard waste collection, please call the Solid Waste Division at 864-467-4345 after 4PM on your service day.

Schedule a bulk pickup

Please call at least 1 day prior to your scheduled pickup day to request a bulk pickup. 

Request a replacement trash or recycle cart

Please call the Solid Waste Division at 864-467-4345 to request a replacement cart.