Green Line Extension

Walkers, runners and bikers will soon be able to safely and conveniently travel from downtown Greenville to CU-ICAR via the Green Line of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail (SRT). The SRT extension will run from Cleveland Park to CU-ICAR, along the north side of Laurens Road.

The new trail is a cooperative city-county project, with the city responsible for building The Cleveland Connector (also known as the Paperclip), Laurens Road Bridge, Haywood Road Bridge, and Verdae Blvd Crossing. The county will pave the trail and continue owning and maintaining this Green Line section.

As of March 14, 2023:

  • The switchbacks connecting the SRT to Cleveland Park are 90 percent complete. Called "the Paperclip" or "Cleveland Connector" section, crews have removed an abundance of earth and rock and are currently erecting the first of two retaining walls.
  • The pedestrian bridges over Laurens and Haywood Road are 95% complete. Crews will work on paving, handrails and fencing. 
  • The street-level crossing at Verdae Boulevard is  complete. Additionally, city staff is conducting a feasibility study to determine how best this crossing can be upgraded to a bridge or underpass. 30% of the underpass and alternative overpass feasibility study will be completed in February. A consultant is studying the underpass's feasibility and looking at an alternative bridge option to keep the trail in railroad alignment. The city plans to explore a bridge and a tunnel option fully.
  • City staff is also exploring adding three neighborhood spurs that would connect to the Green Line, with the goal of going out to bid for the projects in the summer of 2023. Neighborhood residents in Nicholtown, Gower and Verdae will be involved in the planning process.
  • The County will pave the remaining sections of the trail after the pedestrian bridges are complete.

The construction of a Legacy Park trail connector and bridge between Legacy Park and the Green Line extension is being permitted, with a completion goal of the winter of 2023-24.