Augusta Street Safety Improvements - Phase Two

Phase two of the project aimed at improving traffic and pedestrian safety on Augusta Street is underway and the City is seeking community input on conceptual plans for a variety of roadway improvements. 

The recommendations focus on both the “residential section” (Cureton Street to Mauldin Road) and the “commercial section” (Cureton Street to Church Street) of Augusta Street and are designed to improve the flow of traffic and significantly reduce the number of vehicle conflict points along the corridor.

City staff and representatives from Stantec, the City’s traffic consultants, provided an overview of the first phase of the project, which involved the implementation of a road diet in the one-mile section of Augusta between Crystal Avenue and Augusta Place, and kicked off the second phase at a public meeting on October 3. Following a brief presentation, attendees had an opportunity to view the improvements being proposed and speak one-on-one with City staff and representatives from Stantec and SCDOT.  

Links to the presentation and detailed maps that were shared at the public meeting are provided below. Highlights include:

  • Northbound lane reduction in commercial section 
  • Southbound right-turn lane along Augusta Street at Old Augusta
  • Improvements to the Mauldin Road Intersection
  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Signal modifications and improvements throughout
  • Access management and landscaped medians in select locations
  • Utility undergrounding between Cateechee Avenue and Faris Road

View Phase 2 Presentation (PDF)
View Phase 2 Corridor Maps (PDF)

Public Comment

Public input is a vital component of this project and the City is actively gathering feedback on the recommendations being proposed. Area residents, property owners and business owners are encouraged to review the project materials and submit their comments on the proposed safety improvements.Comment on Augusta Street Corridor Safety