Business Assistance

Business License Tax Abatement

Provides a graduated 3-year abatement of the City business license fee for new corporate offices, manufacturing, research and development, and high technology companies on a city-wide basis. Abatement also available to retail, artists, and professional services in designated areas.

The program allows for an abatement equal to 100% of the tax the 1st year the business is in operation, 66% in the 2nd year, and 33% in the 3rd year. Beginning in the fourth year of operation, the full business license tax is paid.


The LADDER program is a comprehensive job training/placement program to reduce barriers qualified residents face in accessing employment opportunities, including education, training, child care transportation, uniforms, and tools.

State & County Incentives

Visit the Greenville Area Development Corporation's website for more information on the incentives offered by the State of South Carolina and Greenville County.