Find a Towed Car

Assistance Finding A Towed Vehicle

South Carolina State Law, 56-5-2525, requires that all towed motor vehicles must be reported to the Chief or Sheriff of the jurisdiction from which it was towed. The City of Greenville records all notifications of towed motor vehicles and classifies them into 2 distinct categories, which include vehicles towed at law enforcement direction and vehicles towed at private party direction.

Law Enforcement Direction & Vehicles

  • Towed from a traffic collision or as a result of a traffic stop
  • Found abandoned on a City street, public right of way or other public property and constituted a public hazard
  • Illegally parked on public property or right of way in a manner necessitating immediate towing
  • Towed from private property after being identified as being in violation of environmental codes
  • Towed as evidence of criminal activity
  • Recovered as stolen property and the owner cannot be notified within a reasonable time
  • Confiscated in accordance with laws pertaining to driving under the influence, driving under suspension or narcotics violations

Private Party Direction

  • Towed from private property by order of the property owner
  • Repossessed by a lien holder

All towing companies are required to notify the appropriate law enforcement agencies whenever a motor vehicle is towed without the owner's knowledge. If you suspect that your motor vehicle has been towed from within the City limits, contact our Communications Section at 864-271-5333. You should have the VIN, tag number, vehicle color, make and model, date towed and location from where in the city the vehicle was towed.

Retrieving A Towed Vehicle

Registered Owner

  • If you were present at the time, you would have been provided a gold colored copy of the Greenville Police Department Towed Vehicle Report. This acts as your claim check. Take it and proper identification to the tow company listed on the report and pay their fee to retrieve the vehicle.
  • If you were not present at the time, you must bring a current registration or title along with proper identification to the front desk at 4 McGee Street. You will be provided another copy to take to the tow company for payment of fees and retrieval of the vehicle.

Lien Holder

  • Proper legal service for repossession must be served directly to the tow company

If your motor vehicle was towed at a private party direction or repossessed you must contact the tow company directly for information on retrieving your vehicle