Hire an Officer for your Event


The city of Greenville hosts almost 200 event days a year, and all gatherings such as concerts, parades, races and festivals that take place on public property must be permitted through the City’s Public Information and Events Department.

Because each of these events requires advanced planning to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all who attend, the Police Department’s Special Events Unit works closely with City staff to ensure that each event has appropriate safety and security plans and that the appropriate level of staffing by the Police Department is scheduled for the event.

Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers

The Police Department also works directly with residents and business owners to provide security for businesses and events on private property. Below is a brief outline of the requirements for hiring off-duty officers:

  • The number of officers is determined by the Police Department’s Special Event Coordinator and is based on the size and type of the event.
  • Officers providing security for businesses serving alcohol are required to be posted outside the business (officers cannot serve as "bouncers" for the business).
  • The business or event must be located inside the Greenville city limits.
  • Officers must be paid in a timely fashion – either at the event or shortly thereafter through mail or pick up.

For more information, contact the Police Department’s Special Events Coordinator at 864-467-4387 or use the email form.