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E-Form Multi-Family Development

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.
  3. Property Information
  4. Please separate by comma or semicolon.
  5. Please separate by comma or semicolon.
  6. Proposed Development Information
  7. Type of Application*
  8. Affordable or Workforce Component*
  9. Age Restricted Housing?*
  10. Instructions
  11. 1. The applicant is required to schedule a pre-application neighborhood meeting prior to the application submittal deadline. Instructions for the neighborhood meeting may be provided by staff and upon request of the applicant following the pre-application staff meetings.
  12. 2. The applicant is required to schedule a pre-application neighborhood meeting prior to the application submittal deadline. Instructions for the neighborhood meeting may be provided by staff and upon request of the applicant following the pre-application staff meetings.
  13. 3. If the application includes more than one (1) parcel and/or more than one (1) owner, the applicant must provide the appropriate deed book/page references, tax parcel numbers, and owner signatures as an attachment.

    4. All applications for Multifamily Development must be received by no later than 2:00 pm of the date reflected on the Commission’s schedule.

    A. Multifamily development - New $550.00 – public hearing required

    B. Multifamily development – Major Modification $275.00 – public hearing required

    C. Multifamily development – Minor Modification $150.00 – administrative review

    Once processed by staff, an invoice and payment instructions shall be provided to the applicant.

    5. Staff will review the application for “sufficiency” pursuant to Section 19-2.2.6, Determination of Sufficiency. If the application is deemed insufficient, staff will notify the applicant and request that the application be revised and resubmitted to address insufficiency comments. An insufficient determination may result in the item to be pushed back to a later public hearing date. In this event, the item will go back into the queue for review. Please refer to section 19-2.3.13 (D), Multifamily residential development for additional information.

    6. Public Notice Requirements. Multifamily development applications require a Planning Commission public hearing. There is also an informal review from the Design Review Board – Urban Panel required prior to the Planning Commission hearing. The DRB-Urban Panel meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of the month.

    7. The applicant is responsible for sign posting the subject property. Instructions will be provided by the staff liaison approximately one week prior to the public hearing notice.

    8. Please verify that all required information is reflected on the plan(s), and submit one (1) electronic version of the application submittal package to staff by the posted deadline.

    9. Please read carefully: The applicant and property owner(s) affirm that all information submitted with this application; including any/all supplemental information is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and they have provided full disclosure of the relevant facts.

    In addition, the applicant affirms that the applicant or someone acting on the applicant’s behalf has made a reasonable effort to determine whether a deed or other document places one or more restrictions on the property that preclude or impede the intended use and has found no record of such a restriction.

    If the planning office by separate inquiry determines that such a restriction exists, it shall notify the applicant. If the applicant does not withdraw or modify the application in a timely manner, or act to have the restriction terminated or waived, then the planning office will indicate in its report to the planning commission that granting the requested change would not likely result in the benefit the applicant seeks.
  14. Per acknowledgement and understanding of item #9, the applicant hereby affirms that the tract or parcel of land subject of the attached application is or is not restricted by any recorded covenant that is contrary to, conflicts with, or prohibits the requested activity.*
  15. Application Requirements Checklist
  16. Multifamily development format and content requirements are reflected in the City of Greenville Administrative Manual at Appendix 'H'.

    Please review Section 19-6.8, Design standards for multifamily residential development and other pertinent Code Sections in their entirety prior to submittal.

    Applications with incomplete checklists or submittal documents not reflecting checklist requirements will be considered insufficient.
  17. Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting Attendance List and Meeting Notes are included.*
  18. Reserved Development Name with Michele Perdue ( at Greenville County E911 Services.*
  19. Context Map - Shows relationship of proposed development to the surrounding neighborhood.*
  20. Photographs of surrounding area*
  21. Site Plan - Shows building(s) footprint, parking lot layout, pedestrian and vehicular access, internal walkways, amenities (i.e. pool, playground, picnic area, etc.), and service areas (i.e. dumpster pad/trash collection area, HVAC units, car wash area, etc.).*
  22. Grading Plan - Shows existing and proposed topographic contours, storm drainage collection facilities, existing and proposed retaining walls (with top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall elevations for at least the ends of the walls and the high point of the walls).*
  23. Tree Plan - Tree survey that shows pre-existing conditions of 6"+ caliper trees (caliper, species, location, health) contained within the site and trees affected by development on neighboring properties with an "X" on trees proposed to be removed. Plan shall show a table of those trees to be removed and a summary of the tree mitigation fee and/or replanting. Review Section 19-6.3 for details.*
  24. Building elevations, of all sides of the building(s), with exterior materials, colors, and dimensions indicated.*
  25. Elevation and/or 3-D Plan showing form and massing of proposed building(s) in relation to adjoining structures.*
  26. Building floor plans of every floor of every proposed building including dimensions*
  27. Landscape plan - Shows existing vegetation that will remain, new plants to be added, and new trees to be used to offset any tree removal mitigations.*
  28. Lighting Plan - Shows location of light fixtures (on site and on building), cut sheets of the proposed light fixtures, and wattage.*
  29. Materials Board - Shows all materials in the color and texture as to be constructed*
  30. Attachments
  31. Please download the Owner Signature form, fill out and upload here.

  32. Please include everything except the Owner Signature Form. Combine all of your documents into a ZIP file.

  33. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.
    If there is an error with one of the file(s) during processing, you will be notified and requested to upload again. This can delay the review time of your application.
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